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Angie Makes


Recommended Reads

I love Denise and her approachable personality. She just makes sense! If after reading this book you want to do more and know more, I recommend the LB Bootcamp: Lucky B Bootcamp

One of the best mindset books I’ve read. Written in a no-nonsense straightforward manner.

Literally life changing. Find out what your Zone of Genius is. Start operating using Einstein Time. Mind = Blown.

“Different”, written by Youngme Moon, is a nice and easy read about Marketing. The Amazon tagline is:

Why trying to be the best … competing like crazy … makes you mediocre .

I chose this book because I was looking for a non traditional Marketing book and it received all 5 star reviews on Amazon.


This is a classic book which explains how you can use your mind to connect to ‘energy’ and live a rich life.

You have to have an open mind when reading this book. You have to be open to the idea of the metaphysical and trust that this will work for you.

I think it takes practice…


This has become somewhat a modern classic…a must read for anyone who is thinking of doing something different to the regular 9-5.

I felt there were some interesting points, certainly around efficiencies. At this point in time though…I’m not focusing on only working 4 hours a week. Perhaps this is something that requires a significant mindset shift.

Worth a read to see what ideas you come up with…



I personally use Siteground for my hosting and recommend them for my clients. I am an Affiliate for them and truly think the quality of service and client care is the best. It is better for you to have your site hosted on servers where your main client base is located (eg. if you are in the UK, your site will be hosted on European servers). The fewer sites there are on the servers, the quicker your website loads, and Siteground offer this.

If you require hosting, please sign up here (the price of the Startup plan is currently £2.75+VAT per month for essential hosting and a free domain name (choice subject to availability), which is great value for the high quality service you will get):

Web Hosting


For clients in the US/Canada, I also recommend Radio Solutions ( - a very helpful and reliable service.

Content: Copy, Images & Graphic Design

Please supply your copy in Word document format. Please supply professional quality images (with proof of license) or I can source decent free images – though you should have a say in what best represents your product or service. Free images can be obtained from:

Pixabay , Unsplash , Gratisography , Pexels

Professional images can be bought on your behalf for which you will be billed. If you require specific graphics designed, this can be arranged through my affiliate. Alternatively, I can source ready-made graphics for you for an additional cost.

Domain Name Registation

I recommend you purchase your own domain name so you are billed directly for the registration so you have complete ownership. Prices can vary depending on what you choose. Administration will be easier if you arrange through Siteground if you are hosting with them as well (plus they are offering a free domain name, choice subject to availability):


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